The Hyannis Fire Headquarters, located at 95 High School Road, was constructed in 1965, and the Department responded to 589 calls. The full-time staff consisted of a chief, a dispatcher and two day people. In 2013, we responded to 6,329 emergencies, and our staff now consists of 54 uniformed personnel and 4 civilians. The facility does not meet the needs of a 21st century fire-rescue department. The apparatus bays are inadequately sized for modern firefighting equipment, and there are not enough bays to house all of the Department’s equipment. The building is not code compliant or ADA accessible; the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems are nearing the end of their lifecycle, and there is a lack of facilities for female firefighters. 

The Hyannis Fire District formed the Building Needs Committee in November 2010, and hired an architect and a project manager. Working together for over two years and 50 public meetings, the team developed preliminary plans to address the issues and needs of the Headquarters building. The proposed new building addresses the current inadequacies, such as, space, functionality, code compliance, and safety.

Details of the project are being made available here for our citizens so they may be fully informed about this project as it moves along. Please find preliminary plans and renderings below.

If you have any questions about the project or would like to view the conditions firsthand, please feel free to contact Chief Harold Brunelle directly or stop by the station. And, please continue to check back for more information as it becomes available.

••  The entire 3rd floor has been eliminated

••  over 5,000 square feet removed

••  cost reduced nearly $1 million

••  pending sale of two properties will further reduce costs by approximately $2 million more

Please click here to view or download a slideshow depicting the current conditions of the Hyannis Fire Headquarters.

See more information about the Hyannis Fire Department Proposed New Facility 

Proposed New Facility For Hyannis Fire Rescue Department

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