Hyannis Fire Department

For an Emergency Dial 911

The Hyannis Fire District was established in 1896.  It is the oldest of the five fire districts in the Town of Barnstable and is governed by a five member Board of Commissioners elected by the voters of the District.  If you see a red fire hydrant with a white cap then you are within the Hyannis Fire District.

The Department serves approximately 9 square miles of land as well as Lewis Bay and Hyannis Harbor.  The year round population of the district is 18,000.  During the summer months the population increases significantly with many as 100,000 visitors to our community.  Hyannis is the hub of Cape Cod and provides many unique services for its residents and visitors. The fire district includes: the harbor and ferries, that bring in over a million people per year; the largest hospital on the Cape; the state’s third busiest airport; the transportation center; four high schools; a large shopping mall; numerous social service agencies and a bustling downtown.

Hyannis Firefighters’

Memorial Park

Emergency  Planning Tips

Follow these steps to prepare yourself, your pets and your family for an emergency:

  1. Get a Kit – Gather the supplies you will need after a disaster.
  2. Make a Plan – Make sure everyone is on the same page.
  3. Be Informed – Know what you’re up against.

Open Burning Information

If you would like to have an outside open burning, call (508) 775-1300, then dial 8. This is a recorded message that is updated daily if outside burning is allowed. There is no further action needed by the caller once they have heard the approval message. There is no longer a separate burning permit.

Open burning will be allowed January 15 through May 1st of each year from 10:00am to 4:00 pm. All outside fires shall be out at 4:00pm.

You must call each day you wish to burn. Call after 9:30am because the decision to allow burning is made depending on weather conditions at 9:30am. A link is provided below that provides guidance on how to keep your open burn safe and within regulations.

Fire Prevention

The mission of the Fire Prevention Division is to offer services in public safety, fire prevention, and also conduct public education programs. Year round, we perform hundreds of commercial and retail space safety inspections to ensure compliance and safety.

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